Tuesday, January 11, 2011

blogging for books... a review

I recently read Tandem by Tracey Bateman.  This isn't your typical vampire book.  If you are looking for the new Twilight, look the other way.  If you are looking for a book that explores family relationships and traditions and just happens to have a few bloodsuckers in it, this just might be  your book.  This book explores the relationship between sisters who have nothing in common, but still love each other.  It also tells the very heartwrenching tale of a daughter taking care of her ill father.  It seems a contradiction to say that it is a christian vampire novel, but that is what it is.  It is not blaring, in your face, fire and brimstone type christian fiction, it is shown in the way all the relationships are portrayed.  I read this book not knowing it was a sequel to Thirsty but I didn't feel like I missed a whole lot by not readying it first.  This book is not what you expect but definately worth the read.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

October 21st.... The birth story

So, I know that we are now in the beginning of December and I haven't blogged since October.  I will just go back an review what we have been up to.

October 21st....  I had a dr's appointment that day.  Boyd was out of school so it was just the two of us.  I had a bad headache and blurry vision.  I went in and gave my urine sample and go hooked up to the NST machine.  While my nst started she took my blood pressure.  It was 185/112.  She quickly went and got the dr who had her go dip my urine while she watched my nst.  She was talking to me about possibly doing a 24 hour urine test over the weekend if my urine test was fine.  She took my blood pressure again and it was 188/111.  The nurse came  back and told the dr that my urine dip was 3.  That with my headache and vision problems I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia and told that since I had my son with me they would let me take myself to the hospital instead of an ambulance ride, but if I didn't deliver soon I had a very high chance of stroking out and was risking death for myself and little Reilly.  Guess what my pregnancy brained self did.... went off to the dr without my cell phone.  I stopped in the dr's office lobby and used the phone to call James.  He didn't answer. (I later found out that he didn't know the number so he just didn't answer) I tried again and still no answer.  I figured that I would just go to the hospital and find my brother in law who works there and he could help me... guess who left work early not 10 minutes before I got there... you guessed it, my brother in law.  I lucked out, though and one of the girls he works with let me use a phone.  James got tired of his phone ringing earlier from my OB office and looked up the number and found out it was an OB office so when his phone rang again, he answered.  I told him what was going on and to hurry as fast as he can.  I got checked in and blood drawn.  I got prepped for surgery and finally James made it.  Then, just in the nick of time, my father in law made it to sit with Boyd.  My mother in law made it just as I was being wheeled back.  They got my spinal block administered and got me cut open and then brought James back.  There were many people in the room.  On top of all the people required for a cesarean delivery, we had 3 nurses from the nicu in there waiting to stabilize Reilly and take him to the NICU.  Little Reilly was not ready to be evicted from his warm little home.  These were the sounds from behind the curtain....

"I have a foot, can you feel the other one?"
"Where did he go..."
"Dr Rahaal, if I can get ahold of his arms can you find his feet"
"come on little Reilly, it's time to stop hiding and come out into the world"
"Ooh, Ooh, I found his feet, quick grab his arm and let's pull him out!"

He did not cry for the longest time.  He eventually had to be given oxygen to get him to cry.  He was taken over to the NICU nurses and evaluated.  He was doing ok, especially for a 33 weeker, but needed some oxygen and stimulation to get him to come around.  After he was stabilized, he was weighed (he came in at a whopping 5 pounds 15 ounces) and then taken away to the nicu.

After they closed me up they took me to my room to recover and come around.  James was in the NICU with the baby.  I was really worried because I hadn't heard anything.  Finally James made it up to my room and told me that Reilly was ok.  He was in the NICU and had to be put on the vent.  He wasn't able to breath on his own and it was determined his lungs were not mature yet.  He was given surfactant to help them along.  Late that night, I finally got to go down and see him.  I was instantly in love and remain so to this day.....

I kept a journal and will slowly type it up and share our story, complete with our NICU milestones and post hospital life, including set backs.

Friday, October 15, 2010

33 weeks

Yesterday was my 33 week appointment.  It started with my twice weekly NST.  Reilly HATES them.  He runs from them.  It is really hard to get him to sit still long enough to register on the machine and to get him to sit there and perform like a circus monkey for 30 minutes.... forget it.  He finally decided he would sit still but WOULD NOT perform.  No fluctuations in his heart rate... nothing.  My favorite nurse in the world came in and offered to buy him a pony for his first birthday if he would cooperate... nothing.  She brought me in a diet dr pepper and told me to chug.  It worked after 15 more minutes, though not like she would have liked.  The little turkey almost got us a trip to the hospital.

My blood pressure was high... 150/99.  I had a small amount of protein in my urine so she is worried that Pre-e is trying to infiltrate my pregnancy.  I get the lovely privilege of doing a 24 hour urine test.  If the protein levels are too high, Mr Reilly will have to come out.  Until then I am on modified bed rest.  I get 2 hours a day to do what I need to do, other than that I am to be laying down or sitting with my feet up.  That is going to make it awfully difficult to get the stuff done that I need done.

Knowing that my pregnancy is almost over is sad.  I tried so long and hard to get here and to think that I may not be able to finish fully makes me feel like I failed.  I can't wait to meet him and I am ready for all the aches and pains of pregnancy to be over with but I hope I can bake the lil guy a few more weeks....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

32 week appointment

So today was our 32 week appointment.  First we had a growth ultrasound with the perinatologist.  Little Reilly is not so little.  The porker is weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds 5 ounces.  He has decided that head down is not the way to go and is now lying sideways, facing backwards.  The ultrasound tech couldn't get his face but did get the top of his head in 2D where it was observed that I was right.... the boy has A LOT of hair.  The peri came in and did another ultrasound.  He poked him in the butt and got him turned around long enough to get a 4D picture of him eating his hand.  My blood pressure was high.

I then headed upstairs for my OB appointment where my blood pressure was a whopping 140/100.  There we talked about how she is trying to decide whether or not the benefits outweigh the risk in giving me steroids to mature his lungs.  Normally it would be a no brainer but with me being diabetic, giving me steroids will shoot my blood sugar through the roof.  She is going to talk to my peri this afternoon and get his take.  I could be put in the hospital for the steroids if it is determined to be the better option.  Basically I think all hope is lost on me making it to 38 and we are now hoping to make it to 34.  That is 2 weeks away.

I can't do anything.... go anywhere.... and I have a list of symptoms to go to the hospital for.

Still not ready........ crap!

On a high note... my blood sugar was awesome!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Rolaids.....

You have one job.  Just one.  Get rid of my heartburn.  You suck, you are a total failure.  Your backwoods cousin Tums suck just as hard. 
They say that if you have heartburn when you are pregnant, your baby will have a lot of hair.  Reilly is going to come out with a big, giant red afro.  So big, that if straightened it would come down to his ankles.  Maybe I should ask for a refund on my Rolaids and put the money toward a kicky little baby-sized afro pick.

Today marks 31 weeks.  I am now 3 weeks away from my first goal of 34 weeks.  I'm starting to get nervous about my c-section.  This may not be my first C-section rodeo, but having had one before doesn't seem to make it any less frightening.  When Boyd was born, he was whisked away and I didn't get to see him for hours.  They just kind of flashed him at me while taking him out the door.  Everyone and their great uncle twice removed got to see him before I did.  I was the last to hold him.  Boyd was born with a lot of fluid in his lungs and low blood sugar, both common in babies born to diabetic moms.  I am guessing the odds are pretty good that we will get more of the same with Reilly.  If he is born early, he will automatically be taken to the NICU for evaluation.  More than likely he will be fine and not have to stay, but there is always a chance that he may not have perfected the sucking reflex or has jaundice.  Either way, whether born at 34, 35 or 36 weeks, he has an awesome dr and the hospitals around here are top notch so we will be in good shape.

Before I sign off..... I'd like to share a list of some of my favorite and least favorite things about pregnancy..

*I can no longer reach into the washer to put clothes in the dryer... If I can't finish the job, why start it.  James is pretty awesome at laundry :)

*Nobody gives you the side eye if you dose off every time you lay your head back.  It's not lazy, it's preparing for baby.

*People at the grocery store are a lot more likely to offer to load your groceries for you if you are pregnant.

*You can say what's on your mind and instead of being a bitch, you are hormonal and it will pass.         

*Getting the crap kicked out of you while you are trying to sleep.... just baby's way of saying... soon, sleep will be no more.  It's a pretty awesome reminder.

My least favorite:

*heartburn, heartburn, heartburn


*not knowing which step I take is going to be the one where my legs don't work (aka... sciatica) and a fall might happen.

*having to rely on people to do things for you, such as reach for anything on the second shelf of higher because the belly is so big I can't get close enough to reach.

*being uncomfortable all the time

*going to the dr all the freakin time and trying to pee in that itty bitty cup.  You know, the one that seems to get smaller the bigger you get.

*jabbing myself in the stomach 6 times a day.  I feel a little like a pincushion.  Totally worth it, but OUCH!

*having to do anything that required bending.  There is planning involved in anything that requires bending.  I have to decide how long it should take so I know how deep of a breath to take beforehand.  I can't bend and breath at the same time.

All that being said, I can't wait to meet him and see what kind of personality he has.  Time is winding down......

Friday, September 24, 2010

My son is a smart a$$

Literally.  Parent teacher conferences were last night.   Boyd is doing really well in 1st grade.  He has already tested out of 1st and 2nd grade sight words and is doing 3rd grade AR reading.  Now she has to make a special math curriculum for him.  All the other kids  are learning 1+3 and he is bored so she is going to pull out some 2nd and 3rd grade math to challenge him and let him do some work at your own pace math on the classroom computer.  She is a great teacher and is going above and beyond to keep him interested and challenged.  She said the only thing she really has to say is that his handwriting is atrocious. 

The kid is going to be in 3rd grade and doing math that is smarter than me.  I'm so proud of my little smarty pants. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"You need to get your $#*! together by about 34 weeks"

That's what my OB told me this morning during my 30 week appointment.  After checking me out, talking to me about our upcoming C-Section, she said that her opinion is that we are going to have this baby in the next 4-6 weeks.  Probably closer to 4-5.  We are hoping to make it to 38 1/2 weeks but she is really doubtful that will happen.

HOLY CRAP!  I am so not ready for this.  1 more month...... 4 weeks and we could go from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

Odds are that if he is born at 34 weeks he will get to come home from the hospital with us and will be perfectly healthy.  Every day after the 23rd of October will help make sure of it.

I have nothing done... nothing ready..... I'm a little bit shocked and freaking out.

Other than that, the appointment went great.  I got my iron and throid rechecked since I was diagnosed anemic last appointment.  We discussed where she was going to slice me open.  She decided to go a little higher to make my recovery easier.  I can't wait to get gutted like a fish (can you hear the sarcasm?  I get that particular talent from my mother)

Other than that... Dr B. is so getting a pregnant lady lap dance and I might just rub his balding head.  Melatonin ROCKS!  Night 2, Boyd was asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed.

Sleep.... ahhhhh