Thursday, December 2, 2010

October 21st.... The birth story

So, I know that we are now in the beginning of December and I haven't blogged since October.  I will just go back an review what we have been up to.

October 21st....  I had a dr's appointment that day.  Boyd was out of school so it was just the two of us.  I had a bad headache and blurry vision.  I went in and gave my urine sample and go hooked up to the NST machine.  While my nst started she took my blood pressure.  It was 185/112.  She quickly went and got the dr who had her go dip my urine while she watched my nst.  She was talking to me about possibly doing a 24 hour urine test over the weekend if my urine test was fine.  She took my blood pressure again and it was 188/111.  The nurse came  back and told the dr that my urine dip was 3.  That with my headache and vision problems I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia and told that since I had my son with me they would let me take myself to the hospital instead of an ambulance ride, but if I didn't deliver soon I had a very high chance of stroking out and was risking death for myself and little Reilly.  Guess what my pregnancy brained self did.... went off to the dr without my cell phone.  I stopped in the dr's office lobby and used the phone to call James.  He didn't answer. (I later found out that he didn't know the number so he just didn't answer) I tried again and still no answer.  I figured that I would just go to the hospital and find my brother in law who works there and he could help me... guess who left work early not 10 minutes before I got there... you guessed it, my brother in law.  I lucked out, though and one of the girls he works with let me use a phone.  James got tired of his phone ringing earlier from my OB office and looked up the number and found out it was an OB office so when his phone rang again, he answered.  I told him what was going on and to hurry as fast as he can.  I got checked in and blood drawn.  I got prepped for surgery and finally James made it.  Then, just in the nick of time, my father in law made it to sit with Boyd.  My mother in law made it just as I was being wheeled back.  They got my spinal block administered and got me cut open and then brought James back.  There were many people in the room.  On top of all the people required for a cesarean delivery, we had 3 nurses from the nicu in there waiting to stabilize Reilly and take him to the NICU.  Little Reilly was not ready to be evicted from his warm little home.  These were the sounds from behind the curtain....

"I have a foot, can you feel the other one?"
"Where did he go..."
"Dr Rahaal, if I can get ahold of his arms can you find his feet"
"come on little Reilly, it's time to stop hiding and come out into the world"
"Ooh, Ooh, I found his feet, quick grab his arm and let's pull him out!"

He did not cry for the longest time.  He eventually had to be given oxygen to get him to cry.  He was taken over to the NICU nurses and evaluated.  He was doing ok, especially for a 33 weeker, but needed some oxygen and stimulation to get him to come around.  After he was stabilized, he was weighed (he came in at a whopping 5 pounds 15 ounces) and then taken away to the nicu.

After they closed me up they took me to my room to recover and come around.  James was in the NICU with the baby.  I was really worried because I hadn't heard anything.  Finally James made it up to my room and told me that Reilly was ok.  He was in the NICU and had to be put on the vent.  He wasn't able to breath on his own and it was determined his lungs were not mature yet.  He was given surfactant to help them along.  Late that night, I finally got to go down and see him.  I was instantly in love and remain so to this day.....

I kept a journal and will slowly type it up and share our story, complete with our NICU milestones and post hospital life, including set backs.