Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello old friend

Ahhhh, sleep.  Yep, we finally got some sleep in this house.  My dear sweet lovable 6 year old son is an insomniac.  The last 2 months have been especially bad.  Some nights we are lucky if he gets to sleep by midnight.  Most nights it would be 1 or 2 am.  He has to get up for school at 6:30, so needless to say, we've all been tired and grouchy.  He went to the Dr yesterday for a check-up for his ADHD and ASD.  I mentioned that they boy is getting no sleep.  This wonderful doctor said a few words that made my heart sing.  Melatonin.... over the counter..... natural.  He told us to try to give him 3 mg of melatonin an hour before bed and if he wasn't asleep 30 minutes before bed to give him another one.  1 hour 15 minutes after giving him 1 pill he was out like a light.

I'm thinking really serious about going to the Dr's office and giving the Dr a big ole pregnant lady lap dance.  We all got enough sleep last night that I don't even think my husband would care. 

If you are reading this Dr B.... I'm coming for ya!

Next time I title a post hello old friend, maybe I will be talking about my feet.... now those I haven't seen in much longer than a few months.


  1. That is awesome!! I'm really hoping it keeps working for him!!

  2. Omg, Tracy!! You crack me up ... pregnant lap dance!!

    So glad you found something!!